The pioneer and the premiere Classical music festival of chennai. The most awaited series is all set to blow you down with over 30 top class thematic concerts.

Scheduled from December 1, 2015 onwards, it is a 15 day treat to all the chaste classical music lovers around chennai, and later to the world when it is aired on SUN TV.

​This is the 16th successful year for the festival and the only thematic festival during the December Music season.


The largest and the most popular classical music festival conducted overseas.

Maximum Media has been the media partner for this event for over 15 years now.

Seasonal festivals based on various aspects of Classical carnatic music, focusing more on the aspects of bhakthi.


the first ever in the industry.


The first ever reality shows for Classical carnatic music. Launched in the year 2009, this concept has paved the way for a lot of new generation singers in Classical carnatic music.

A concept that has inspired the national scenario in a big way that following the footsteps o CMI, as it is dearly called, many others have started similar concepts.


SEASONAL CLASSICAL BHARATHANATYAM DANCE festivals, concentrating on the talents living overseas.

An opportunity to show case the young talents in the field and make them popular world wide, thereby creating performance opportunities, apart from creating a high profile curriculum Vitae for them.